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Law Enforcement

For over 30 years, Midstate Security has established a track record of serving state and local governments, especially in the critical areas of prison and court security, video conferencing for arraignments, and monitored home detentions.

Using evidence-based and court-accepted SCRAM products, Midstate Security provides the highest standard of monitoring services for the criminal justice system. We work closely with clients to help develop a comprehensive alcohol/location monitoring program to fit their specific needs.

Those in the legal and corrections system face ever-present risks in dealing with the most desperate and dangerous elements in society. In this inherently volatile environment, Midstate has emerged as a leader in deploying technology solutions that mitigate these risks.

Court Security

Few public places demand more rigorous and thorough security measures than the courts.  Balancing the need for security with those of a public space, the criminal justice system requires innovative systems that afford access while ensuring the safety of those working in the criminal justice system as well as the general public.

Court Services

With its experience in law-enforcement, Midstate provides court services such as electronic home monitoring (home detention service), GPS tracking, and breathalizer services for its non-violent offenders.

A viable alternative to physical incarceration, the program aids in relieving the jail overcrowding problem and helps to smooth caseload management. The division also provides courtroom security and video arraignment systems.

Staff expertise and a solid reputation has allowed Midstate to secure work with the majority of Michigan's State Prisons. Midstate is also looked to for consultation when the construction of new state and county correctional facilities is launched. Midstate Security has been awarded major contracts with the State of Michigan as both the prime and sub-contractor, and was the company chosen to provide the electronic surveillance system at the Michigan Governor's Mansion.

Midstate Security's Court Services Division offers a full range of alternatives and services geared toward the home detention program. Our division staff has a combined total of over 40 years in the law enforcement and criminal justice backgrounds. In addition to serving a growing number of District Courts in the State of Michigan with alternatives to jail overcrowding, Midstate Security provides its own 24-hour state of the art monitoring center located in Grandville, Michigan.

The monitoring center provides immediate and accurate information to courts, probation officers or law enforcement personnel of any violation committed by an offender.

Midstate can provide information of any or all violations by fax or telephone, immediate notification or next day notification (24 hours), and provides help to probation officers or clients regarding equipment problems, questions, or concerns.


Midstate Security has been serving the criminal justice community in the State of Michigan for over 20 years. Midstate can manage your daily alcohol monitoring and location monitoring activities, allowing you to focus on the business of supervision, enforcement, and public safety. We work closely with the clients, courts, and multiple departments of the criminal justice system to help develop a comprehensive alcohol/location monitoring program that is uniquely suited to fit your needs. Midstate strives to set the highest standard in monitoring services by providing SCRAM Systems products, which are evidence-based and court-accepted.

With SCRAM Systems products we offer training, installation/removal, alert and report generation, various billing capabilities, and collections. Midstate is also available for support and testimony for court hearings.

Contact Midstate to learn more about SCRAM Systems products, our services, and how we can satisfy your monitoring needs.

SCRAM system products available:
SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™ (CAM) Bracelet

The SCRAM CAM system is the world’s most widely used and trusted transdermal 24/7 alcohol testing system, for use with high-risk, hardcore DUI alcohol offenders. In a single device, it combines alcohol testing with optional house arrest monitoring.

SCRAM One-Piece GPS™ Bracelet

Omnilink’s OM400™ GPS bracelet is designed to track low- to high-risk offenders 24/7, indoors and out. 

SCRAM Remote Breath™ Device

The world’s first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test. Ideal for low-risk offenders.

With SCRAM system products, Midstate Security offers:
·        Orientation/Training
·        Installation/Removal
·        Alert and Report Generation
·        Various billing and payment capabilities
·        Support and testimony for court hearings

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