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For over 30 years, Midstate Security has established a track record serving state and local governments, especially in the critical areas of airport, prison, public space, and government building security. We are at the forefront of companies installing security systems that increased safety and reduced costs for local and regional municipalities.

Those in the airport and prison systems face ever-present risks in dealing with the most desperate and dangerous elements in society.  For local and state governments, risk management must be balanced against public sectors’ accountability to taxpayers and elected officials.  As a regional company whose employees live and work in these communities, we aspire to provide our community with the best value for taxpayer dollars.

To ensure our installations meet the highest possible standards for government contracting, we provide regular project management reporting, rigorous testing, 24/7 service and support from our highly trained technical staff, and extensive training for users and staff.

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Midstate Security is the leading installer of CodeBlue units in the area. 

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