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Keep a close eye on your property, your possessions and the people who come and go with an IP video surveillance system. Noted for its high-quality image reproduction, IP digital video offers incomparable clarity and reliability. But that’s just the beginning!

Because digital video is communicated over a network, an enterprise security network featuring multiple cameras from multiple locations can be viewed and recorded from virtually anywhere. This creates added security by having these advanced features. 

IP technology is utilized in most networks, making integration with existing equipment easier and cost-effective. You can even start small and expand your system. All digital video is stored on hard drives (no tapes!) and the analytics can eliminate the need for an individual to monitor video.

The intelligent software has the ability to notice things beyond the scope of the human eye. Software algorithms monitor data, behavior, and objects to trigger alarms, sending appropriate signals to Midstate Security’s Command Center day or night. It can also mask areas being monitored for privacy and efficiency. Windows or outdoor areas that shouldn’t be on video can be isolated and removed from the recording, while remaining in the line of site.

Video analytics software can record the number of people in any given location, track people across multiple cameras, identify suspicious movement,  determine the speed and direction of an object, monitor for missing objects, observe and record traffic flow, and much more. The video cameras themselves can detect motion, pan, tilt, zoom and see in 180 and 360 degrees. Offering components from multiple manufacturers helps us provide you with the best, overall system to fit your needs and budget.

Look to Midstate Security for all your video monitoring needs, from adding extra IP cameras to designing a comprehensive integrated video surveillance system with the latest technology.

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