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Is Your Honeywell Pull Station Out Dated?

Is Your Honeywell Pull Station Out Dated?

March 20, 2017

Although Honeywell issued this statement in April of 2013, we are still seeing these pull stations in use today. 


Fire Systems

Honeywell International

April 2013

Honeywell Fire Systems BG-10 Series Pull Station Operation

Honeywell Fire Systems has identified an issue that could affect the normal operation of BG-10 series pull stations manufactured from 1992 through 2010 and distributed under multiple brands including ADT, Fire-Lite Alarms, Johnson Control Inc. and NOTIFIER. The majority of the pull stations were manufactured from 1992 through 2000. For a list of potentially affected pull station model numbers and the recommended BG-12 series replacement model numbers, please review the table on page 2. You can find pictures of BG-10 series pull stations examples on page 3.
The issue is related to the seal installed around the alarm switch, which can deteriorate over time preventing the switch from signaling an alarm when the pull station is activated.

All products have a finite service life and while there is no industry standard for replacement intervals for pull stations, mechanical devices are not intended to be in service indefinitely. Replacement of BG-10 series pull stations is highly recommended. This is an opportunity to upgrade your existing BG-10 series pull stations to the newer, more aesthetically pleasing BG-12 series pull stations.

Due to the age of the majority of these pull stations, Honeywell Fire Systems recommends the replacement of all BG-10 series pull stations. If the BG-10 series pull stations are not replaced, Honeywell Fire Systems recommends that all installed BG-10 series pull stations be inspected and tested per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 requirements by a qualified, fire alarm service provider. The service provider should meet the requirements of the local jurisdiction where the pull stations are installed. A qualified service provider will know how to properly perform the testing and inspection, and can disable any notification circuits or off-premise reporting that may activate when performing the inspection.

While there’s a high probability that abnormal pull station operation would be identified during the annual testing requirements prescribed by NFPA 72, Honeywell Fire Systems recommends all BG-10 series pull stations be replaced with a new BG-12 series pull stations. If the pull station is not replaced, a new, free of charge, factory provided alarm switch seal should be installed at the next scheduled service interval. In addition to replacing the seal, these pull stations should be inspected for cracking/fracturing of the plastic housing or bending of the pull station back plate. Any pull station showing signs of cracking of the housing or bending of the back plate should be replaced.

For information on BG-10 series inspection and seal replacement procedures to be performed by a qualified fire alarm service provider, please contact us. 

For recommended substitution table, see the PDF here

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