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Court Services
Midstate has been providing alcohol monitoring services for 21 years. There have been many products available on the market. The decision to work with SCRAMx was easy, because of its proven technology and effectiveness it is clearly a leader.

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Retail Security Solutions
Read a case study describing how Michigan-based Spartan improved security in its stores and complied with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for information security.

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Securing Public Spaces
Ensure the safety of visitors and staff with feature-laden emergency call boxes. These call boxes integrate automatic external defibrillators and power assist options.
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Next generation digital video   Traditional analog CCTV surveillance technology has been used for over 30 years and is now being replaced by the more efficient IP technology.   Read On

FOX17 News Features Midstate Security

  • FOX17 News Features Midstate Security

    Unlike many small businesses, profits are up at Midstate Security and the man in charge wanted to spread the joy this holiday season.  Here is how he did it.


Safety at Work, Safety at Home

Because you are a valued Midstate Security client, we are offering a special program that will benefit both you and your employees.

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In the next few years, POTS (plain old telephone service) lines will be completely phased out. Learn how to convert to new communication formats.

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  • An Enhanced Call Verification cell phone number is the second verification call used before dispatching the police on a burglar alarm.


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Campus Safety


Campus safety has become a top concern for colleges communities, parents and students.. Are you ready to learn more about how colleges are meeting today's security challenges?

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Police Department Safety


In the last week of January, 2011, eleven officers in five states were shot. It's been a violent and tragic start to the new year for law enforcement.

Many feel that they owe it to their officers to take a hard look at security in their own facilities.

At Midstate, We Have the Answer.

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The technology integrated into today's security systems can not only protect you from burglary, but monitor for fire, poisonous gasses, freezing water, flooding and many other problems. These systems can even be integrated to provide complete control of your home, anywhere on the globe.

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Our modern fire detection systems are built to constantly monitor and detect every indicator of potential fire hazard to keep you and your family safe. Our 24-hour monitoring systems work to detect fire risks in an effort to ensures an efficient response and timely dispatch to police, fire and medical personel when you need it most.

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In times past, access control systems were limited mainly to large commercial and industrial facilities. With big bulky receivers, and low-security cards, older card access systems couldn't provide the level of reliability and security needed in today's fast paced and secure world. Modern access control systems are far easier to use and more advanced than their archaic predecessors.

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We carry a wide range of CCTV solutions, both digital and analog, to fit any requirements for your home, business, or industrial application. Using existing and cutting-edge technology, we are able to implement an easy to use video surveillance system that produces professional results and video footage, each and every time. CCTV camera systems can be recorded and monitored on site by your personnel, or by Midstate Security's in-house Comand Center.

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